About us


The latest chapter in cross-cultural inspiration

改善 – “continual improvement”

KAIZEN’s mission is to strengthen the ties between West and East by illuminating the different aspects of Asia’s languages, social structures, art and politic to new audiences.
The goal is to create a clothing brand that breaks cultural barriers.

At the heart of our apparel is the need to promote a culture of positive, continuous change made possible through the collaboration of ideas and mutual understanding. Taking a cue from how Asian clothing manufacturers mark their clothing, each item is branded on its top back with KAIZEN’s circular logo.
This logo is a combination of the characters 改 and 善, “kaizen”. In Chinese these characters would be read as “Gai shan”, or “good change”.

Together, they also form the Japanese phrase “continual improvement”. This project is a contribution from Amsterdam’s energetic and multicultural streetwear scene.
KAIZEN tells a story about how society can evolve. KAIZEN utilises a lack of understanding between languages to create a playful dialogue that creates opportunities for understanding. The goal is to reduce the idea of ‘them’ and ‘you’ – and promote us.